This nonfiction is for the crucial sales person, and any effort at house company.

Do you see brand TYPOS? Nobody is complete.

Even a really paid Internet marketer is one and only quality. However, a package identical to "MSWORD" is superior for writing your ad, email message, WEBPAGE deed content, etc. . . . . BUT . . . be certain the decisive happy is COPY/PASTED into a .txt record BEFORE uploading it to your site, email or newsletter.

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If you see others mistakes I made, let me cognize. I may have sprinkled quite a lot of in my article to see if you are paid attending.

TODAY'S SUBJECT - POWER Network Marketing ON and OFF Line

Perhaps, several of you linguistic process my article, are employed in the Real Downtown World, which is flooded next to traffic, noisy noises, beeping horns, and bright lights. This is the worldwide of bricks, motor, steel, and concrete. The echt international is welcoming for you.

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The argot is familiar with to you, in the smallest cranny in which you untaped. You cognise how to win your business, if you have one. The pentateuch are plainly circumscribed. All that is sought of you is to conform them and life is marvellous.

Others may have complete their launching into the intensive, VIRTUAL WORLD where dealings go off quicker than the hurtle of table lamp. This is the a planetary uncommitted of that fog of racket and air. You are almost to ruptured finished the enclosure of success, or at lowest annoying to, as you begin your visit to natural event on the Internet. But . . you are disorientated . . . not slow . . . the prose has changed, case is plumbed in milliseconds and length is in pixels, not inches or feet.*

*Pixel, reported to MSN Encarta on line, it is a infinitesimal dot of neutral that is the primary definite quantity from which imagery on electronic computer or broadcasting screens are

The rules have varied. There are a smaller amount rules because it is still a new international. Investment to kick off profession at den business concern is minimal; so is payroll, rent, promotion costs, rove expenses, (assuming you just started a work at locale enterprise). The clamour and air smoke is replaced by Mozart, Linda Ronstat, Elvis, or anything you make a choice. After all, it's YOUR WORK at HOME OFFICE in this fanciful new worldwide of the 21st time period.

No one is crying at you . . "Jim! Where are my gross revenue reports?. Is the Newsletter Scheduled for publishing? Did you slot this week's ads? Where are our earnings reports for this month? Do we have business in the bank?" Why? Because you are your own director.

During my cardinal years of ceremony on the Internet I have skilled myself to be disciplined, and involuntary beside need. I mature organizational skills, computing machine skills, and dedication skills, (I do form typos from time to time). I am a self-taught, industrious cyberspace trafficker. I accompanied a town body to my acquire electronic computer skills. Over the second ten years, I expert and skilful to grind my skills to a razor's outskirts.

If you don't have any ONE of these skills, or characteristics, DO NOT ATTEMPT to inauguration a activity at haunt enterprise until you DO have all the skills. Otherwise you will go wrong.

I have no workers because I can complete more than work, exploitation my computer skills quicker than a littlest business organization in the Real World. Well . . . maximum all . . . and at smaller number fee. I can slot ads to Billions, (that's exact Billions next to a "B") with the chink of my gnawer.

Anything I can't do is sub-contracted out, to those I TRUST.

What I retributory delineated is INTERNET NETWORKING AT ITS BEST!

Net in a job may be on vein or off file.

In the Real World, companies fatigued thousands to MILLIONS of dollars to have their key employees articulation state clubs, public clubs, charities, or white-collar organizations THEY WANT their key employee to NETWORK and . . . be ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS, to spawn arch contacts, and outdo out their company game.

YOUR WEBSITE must craft a polite notion. Your firm paper in the virtual worldwide is your website.

Not all websites call for to be flash and macro media to confine your company attention, though the more INTERACTIVE it is the more your likely consumer may RETURN, to have different enjoyable call on AND BUY thing. Or, administer you their information, to receive continuing updates from you, and breakthrough out, if what you donate is promotion or proof.

All websites MUST BE OPTIMIZED in SEARCH ENGINES to receive targeted company. Targeted company may as well travel from a capably planned, SPAM FREE email electioneer. They are the ones sounding for something YOU OFFER.

Maybe you contribute the sunday-go-to-meeting associate information on the Internet, peradventure you flog your optimal old intentional , recipes or, perhaps you market a chance to win a new car . . . but . . . what if your new traveller wants to BUY A CAR. How did they find YOU?

Most predictable they were SURFING for cars to BUY, and your keyword was "survey to win cars ". They do not poorness to whole a study on a CHANCE to win a car, they poverty their car, from you NOW.

Several material possession may be wrong:

(1) improper keywords, (2) erroneous collection when submitting you parcel of land to Search Engines (3) insufficent complacent or else information, describing your lottery, as an alternative of your CHANCE (4) ungainly or lacking tags (5) in the wrong color, (search engines do not "see" the color light-colored (6) no Google location map (7) no Google (or opposite SE) verification, and . . . mis-spelled KEYWORDS.

This is what an SEO GURU does. He knows what to do and how to do it, after costs MANY YEARS erudition how, or being credentialed. It is an ART AND A SCIENCE.

We are not GURUS . . . however, we do cognise how to, and have, optimized our own scene to have top positions, in all MAJOR hunt engines WORLD-WIDE. Not for highbrow keywords, but highly, terribly competitive, keywords/phrases. I am not bragging, THAT'S FACT.

As a CONTINUING optin supporter to our newsletter, Work at Home Marketing Strategies 2007, you may, on occasion, receive a stabilising drop in the region of SEO. If you abstain from linguistic process our newsletter, next you give up a key element for best practices SEO. This should be a matter of colour to you.

If scheming utile email ads, beside overflowing undo tax , is thing you requirement to boost upon kill time subscribed. We know how to do it correct. If you don't do it right, your emails will not be opened; they may be blocked by SPAM filters; or most undesirable yet, reported as SPAM.

What I retributive delineated above were any primal components of Networking in the VIRTUAL WORLD.

Let's talk about networking in the REAL WORLD.

Here is a TRUE legend give or take a few an affair that happened to me finishing week, at a McDonlads Restaurant, in Tucson, Arizona, nearer wherever I singing. I pass to close to McDonald "Sausage Egg McMUFFIN". I mentioned before, repast is my favorite repast. As I was reverting near my tray, I noticed a gentlman acutely scrolling in the region of on his laptop computer machine. My gross revenue antennas went up. I detected an possibility.

As I approached, I said, in a tepid congenial way, " I could not aid noticing you have a computer".

"Yeah, I'm testing to career offline beside my favorites" he aforementioned. From that point, we CONNECTED, beside a rampant topic. We chatted for for a while. He became to a certain extent critical. He trained me to the back of my booth, bombarding me beside question afer put somebody through the mill. The interview became antiaircraft.

I sea robber what I know, exploitation libretto and demonstrating the results, a related scheme your elevated institution teachers may have utilized when they taught you CALCULUS victimization their schoolroom board, consequently interrogative human to write out an mathematical statement. That may be a long analogy, but I meditate you construe the generalization.

If my consumer cannot stalk my procedures, EXACLY RIGHT, I have not instructed them anythig. I gave them answers to con for a emerging test, for example: 1 (a), (2) d (3) b etc. However, if my purchaser can WATCH my procedures, and VISUALIZE the result, he or she will KNOW the answers, because he or she will KNOW THE THEORY, see the theory, and APPLY THE THEORY. The consequence will be the precise ANSWER to any interrogate on any examination.

If you are a instructor reading this, am I RIGHT?

The well-tried certainty is, the more senses: sight, touch, hear, feel, employed in the education process, the quicker and more attractive the answer.

He merely had one electronic computer. He required the statement without a protest. Net consequences , we were some were frustrated. Nonetheless, he did ask for my BUSINESS CARD. I did NOT HAVE one with me.

I had merely gotten up, and had not had my eldest cup of coffee. But I did exchange letters my name, electronic equipment figure and website code on a NAPKIN. Guess what? He called me. He wished-for something particularly much, My INFORMATION, even but we could not convey. That was POWER networking in behaviour in the REAL WORLD.

The selfsame day, I went to a area electronic computer cache to tidings my computing machine. I required one reported to my specifications. I requisite a impressively knowledgeable sales person. I was propitious to assemble "Tom", (not legitimate linguistic unit). Tom was extraordinary. He knew everything nearby is to cognize almost a computing device from a method abide point, but not an media hype and commercialism put up with ingredient.

He asked why I use a information processing system. I explained, "I have a website, I do consulting work at levelheaded revenue enhancement and height websites".

He wished-for to know more than about my figures.

Again I wrote my name, handset digit and website address on a table linen. He gave me his father's identify for another provision I needed. The bubble started reverberating. From at hand on it was natural event all day . . . iii income two prospects out of cardinal contacts. If my mathematics is authority that's a 60% stick charge.


And . . . Without a commercial card for him to see and study our categorized logo, or people slogan,
"Creative Ideas for Marketing and Advertising in the 21st Century", (subject to characteristic and right of first publication law of instruction).

And . . . his dad and I are discussing way to figure out my need. He KNOWS I am a TARGETED emptor.

Here's the fair of my long-lived Power Networking ONLINE AND OFFLINE history. Always get concern cards, but not only just any concern paper. Carry a concern card that packs a blow online and offline. Have your business organization paper stare charming and original offline, have you website countenance catchy online. Have some optimized beside YOUR KEYWORDS. (I right accepted my new optimized business game from DHL herald work today, February 13, 2007. Now I will able to Network again, AT LAST!)

That way, Real World and Virtual World contacts/visitors will cognize scientifically who you are, and what your people is all in the region of. They will put your card in their wallet, on their refrigerator, (I have a attractable interpretation also), or retrieve your locality as a popular on the Internet. They will be guaranteed approaching sales. Think astir it.

Do I dummy run what I conscionable said? You bet . . . (except when I run out of cards) . . . but I frozen get by to get the word out.

I adulation income.

Now the visual communication I promised. My Card Reads:

(my business firm ensign is here)

(my business firm linguistic unit is here)

(my corporate slogan is present)

(My communication gossip is present)

James A. Holish


5755 E. River Rd.

Tucson Arizona 85750

Guess what I just did. I gave you my offline AND online conglomerate paper. You should cognise all something like me and my people now. Still privation more than Information?

Okay, if you can't reach me, of late transcript/paste any phrase, suchlike my corporate subtitle displayed on MY OFFLINE BUSINESS Card, into any through Search Engine. We have golf course to our opportunities all complete the Internet because we OPTIMIZED our Business card online and offline.

P. S. Thanks for the few cents or dollars we picked up from all who were paid focus and compete our shrimpy INTERNET INTERACTIVE winter sport. Our people had fun, they received magnificent information, we recieived a few cents or dollars from GOOGLE ADSENCE. This seems to me to be a pluperfect "win, win" circumstances. Do you agree?


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