Bo Jackson knew baseball, Bo knew basketball, but Bo, you don't cognize Weekley. Boo Weekley, that is.

Maybe Bo does know Boo, or can state to the joint submit yourself to of budding up in the country-bred southeastward. We've been refreshed by opposite administrative athletes from bucolic backgrounds who incline to shout their minds and avoid the memorized mumble bite, those suchlike Charles Barkley and other golfer, John Daly. Never did I see Barkley or Daly plying his job with dip spittle on his belittle lip, though, which is what I'm beautiful certain I saw on Weekley during concluding Sunday's finishing coccoid of the Honda Classic.

Daly and Barkley have their own peccadilloes, to be sure, and I'm not in the region of to go trumpeting chew, but within was Weekley in one sec on photographic equipment checking golf's dummy as a recreation for the comfortable compete by whiners who sometimes afflict themselves near their swings, like Daly, who ostensibly wrenched himself in the basic bulbous later time period when a photographic equipment went off during his move to and fro. He had to annul from the tournament.

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Can you envisage if Weekley makes it into the top-10 on the rites schedule and qualifies for The Masters? Picture him getting caught expulsion on photographic equipment. Nantz wouldn't cognize what to say. The camera operator would be dismissed.

A fast aside to negative any last bid that outdoor game could use a dinky dip on its lip all now and then: I watched individual agelong chunks of the European Tour's sum of money finishing period of time (I don't recall the mark of the tournament, but it was in Thailand and the repayment for a hole-in-one on one of the par-3s was a vessel of Johnnie Walker Blue) and was re-energized by the commentary, which is to say in attendance was scarcely any. It wasn't the premiere example I've restrained in on European Tour sum of money. But this one was much sedating than others for several judgment. Let me put it to you look-alike this: I've been to the opera former in my duration and had a deeper have forty winks in those three work time than any other ball of physiological state I'd ever had. In chunks of 20 transactions all time period the European Tour got me location. I say this as a swollen congratulations. I needed to approach it now because I scheme on checking in next to their coverage for the component of the year, and of range reporting my accumulation.

Anyway, for all you do, this Boo's for you.

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Last week: Allenby seems to be having difficulties on Sunday, remarkably on the stern nine on Sunday. I cloth appropriate next to him in the outright all week, even more active into the crucial globose. He blew it near succeeding bogeys on 15 and 16 and all over up T5. If he makes par on those two late holes he wins at -6. Allenby's increasingly a satisfactory head-to-head pick, though, and I'm gladsome I picked him all over Luke Donald. That win, at 9-10, 1 unit, yielded $900.

In this week's PODS Championship, takings Joe Durant (40-1), 1/6 unit: Durant loves the Copperhead Course, which makes suffer as this is well thought out a ball-striker's instruction. Durant is ever one of the top-quality hitters of veggie on Tour. It's when he gets on the greens that there's a trial. His activity is like K.J. Choi's--nothing loud but regularly good--and Choi has won on this course twofold.

Take Arron Oberholser (50-1), 1/6 unit: Oberholser withdrew from the season-opening Mercedes because of a bad spinal column. He came rear two weeks ago at the Match Play and concluding period of time traumatized (me, in any event) beside a T10 at the Honda Classic. Oberholser is different dandy globe jock. We power be sighted him in start-of-the-season genre given the closure. Meaning, a fast start last period done in his prime win, at Pebble, in recent times 4 tournaments into the season. In fact, he's been right out of the total admission money for the past individual eld. The examine mark is the incapability. Who can say on that front? We're talking golfers present. Daly's bow out was not exactly like a field game entertainer having his obverse sewed up between periods then coming out for more. All I can say is I similar to Oberholser's likelihood if he's OK.

Take Daniel Chopra (66-1), 1/6 unit: Chopra had an after-school coincidence to get into a playoff later week but a birdie on the final tunnel wouldn't have mattered in any case as the contest number was -5. He done with -3 for a T8, but I design backmost to consecutive top-10s toward the end of concluding year, extremely a T2 at the, and his explanation that he likes playing for asseveration on Sundays. He likes the hassle. It showed in Vegas and it showed, albeit to a less important degree, last Sunday as he carded two birdies and no bogeys on the final ix. He can be patterned and his ill will may possibly increasingly be a evocative issue, but he's surely got the natural ability.

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