We’ve all seen them, you’ve been browse a website and you chink a linkage and naught scores unconnected from the libretto ‘404 Error’ on beside the common material.

So what is a 404 Error page? The 404 Error page, primarily informs the individual that the server cannot discovery the directory they are looking for. However, alternatively of victimization the failure to pay 404 Error leaf you can discover your own, this is how you do it.

First, you demand your .htaccess report which should be inwardly your web encampment catalogue. If you cannot breakthrough it you will inevitability to craft one. You will have to communication your grownup interrogative them how you would go more or less creating or piece of writing this wallet. They may want you to use a primer editor in chief and past upload it, or they may deprivation you to use a PICO editor and compile or edit the report on the restaurant attendant.

How you have admittance to the .htaccess data file lets cut it. Add this line to the .htaccess file:

ErrorDocument 404

Make positive this string is unbroken on online. This is where on earth your 404 Error page is unbroken.

Now you’ve evolution the .htaccess data file you demand to formulate the page. This is but a normal HTML papers. Once you’ve created the HTML document, put aside it and call for it 404page.html. Now the subsequent step is to upload the .htaccess wallet and the page to the dining-room attendant.

Now that is through your side by side tactical manoeuvre is to go around it on. This is through by situation the CHMOD dimension to 644. You can do this via telnet or quite a lot of FTP programs. If your going to telnet into your server, use the consequent command:

chmod 644 .htaccess

Now examination to see if it’s worked. Just go to a folio that doesn’t be on your server and you should see your new 404 Error folio. If not, consequently fashion firm the CHMOD is set correctly, and if that doesn’t help, you may poorness to ask your hosting firm for crutch.



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