Two life after the deaths of Cassandra and Jason Hightower a textual matter was sent to them from Saigon, from the Mayor's office, it had an administrator token on it, and self-addressed to Mr. Jason Hightower, or Linda Macaulay; Jason had it systematic that way in armour he needed her to publication or select up his mail at the convey office, if they were not in municipality. The police serviceman had it in his safekeeping once he questioned her on, and around the day both parties took their lives. When the curious was over, she gaping the letter, inactive sitting on the divan at Jason's house, policeman Douglas Sexton, waited, peculiarly peering complete at the memorandum as she scanned it,

"Mind if I run a aspect at it?" the police detective aforesaid.

"I'll read it to you, if you don't consciousness (he nodded his skipper yes):'To Whom It May Concern, and with all subject matter to the people of Mrs. Betty Hightower, we have found one of the cardinal killers of your wife, and an eye verbaliser. We are penitent we could not do any more. But here are the grades of the autopsy, and the case, which now is closed, upon you unloading this document.

"A adult female by the label of Kaojia (I have vanished her second label out of the anecdote at her postulation), saw it all, but could not determine all the men from the photographs she reviewed, but one man by the heading of Hyint, she did known as a transmigrate from Burma. We questioned him and he chiefly grunted, but said all three, he and two others, stabbed and slashed Mrs. Hightower, and did this at variable all through her body, and the perceiver substantiated this to be real. There seems to not be a motive another than beingness at the not right place, at the matched time, and killing was not on their minds, so Hyint said, not until they figured she could barb them out a lineup, if so one took location. The bystander was shocked during this thirty-minute ordeal, the target died of changeable injuries. I craving I did not have to be so explicit, but as you requested for your daughter, I should be, so she can hinder visualizing, or imagining what can have understood fix. I do anticipation she recovers from her trauma. Her article was found in an irrigation ditch, unclean by other quality dribble away and a decomposing cow carcase. I conjecture they material she would not be recovered for a time if they threw her there. Be assured, we will make available the slaughterer the eventual sentence inside our set of laws of religious writing."

The detective looked at Linda, said near a sigh, "Can I pocket you out for a stocky drink, I status one."

The police detective was young-looking and handsome, and Linda was atmosphere height, blonde hair, prettier than Cassandra, and much sedate, and same beside a enticing voice, "Why that sounds meet great, let's go."



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