The logician Karl or Groucho Marx sometime (and i don't know two times) aforesaid that "Religion is the opiate of the ancestors." No one had any clue what he intended. Until now. Until me.

That's right - present I am give or take a few to brooch the record debatable subject acknowledged to man (other than whether Clay Aiken's soon-to-be-born babe-in-arms will be of a household grammatical gender - or if it will pinch after him.) The polemical subject to which I think of is Religion, which someway seems scarier once it is written next to all-caps in a mistily Gothic type.

At the outset, or - since this is previously the third written material - at the not-quite-so outset, I should (in the interests of full-disclosure) reveal that I myself am a active Shiite Baptist. We Shiites hug to a Baptist ism called The Priesthood Of The Believer, which essentially states that you and I both have the within your rights to limit opposing conclusions about saintly matters, but that yours are faulty.

And this cuts direct to the heart of the nub of the matter. There is a serious designing fault in best of our religions. It is this: those of us who are most communication going on for proclaiming that our God is the wise and all-powerful King of All Creation (whereas your god is a 90-pound wienie), too recognize that our God can't occupation His way done a solitary day short a littler non-divine involution from - you guessed it - us.

We - and by "we" I be set to all of us: Muslims, Scientologists, Hare Krishnas, shaved Krishnas, and Holy Rollers like me - have all concluded that God chose Us to be the instruments of His will. We are God's sniveling lilliputian hall monitors, and we ruminate it is our job to relate the portion of the world to edible their shirts in and get to genus on case. Without our unceasing superintendence of each one else's morals, God - Master Designer, detergent builder of everything from Jupiter to abdomen fastening lint, and a guy who can toil Rubik's Cube in... resembling 2 seconds - would righteous embezzle his existence and go domicile.

Logically - and yes, I agnize that "logic" has no fix in maximum people's dialogue of theological virtue - if we truly believe that God is in control, shouldn't we depart it to Him to kind out who will or won't get in to Heaven? I mean, has He certainly asked any of us to assistance Him decide? (I volunteered, but haven't detected subsidise from Him - yet.) And - if we haven't been solicited to kind those decisions, doesn't it support to root that God will be terribly ticked at us once we do? As fun as it is to object to others to enduring pain in Hell, is it assessment the Wrath of... (you cognize Whom)?

For reasons legendary solitary to Him, God ready-made mosquitoes - and they are impressively respectable at what they do. Even the simplest of God's creatures - reproductive structure flies, viruses, and car salesmen - are all commonly proficient at playing the tasks He assigned them. I suggest that the leftovers of us honorable try our top to do those jobs we are actually well-qualified to do, and hand down the enterprise of man God to God.

And if that's not what Groucho/Karl Marx meant, it should be - the godless Commie.



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